Friday, September 16, 2011

Horse rescued from cattle guard

BRIGHTON--At approximately 7:15 am on Friday, September 16, 2011 a homeowner near Brighton Fire Station 54 (in Great Rock) came to the station to ask the firefighters for help getting his horse out of a cattle guard.

Photo by Fire Department

Firefighters responded to the home near the intersection of 144th Avenue and Hayesmount. Upon arrival, crews found a 35 year old horse with all 4 feet stuck in a cattle guard. Using air bags, hydraulic tools and cribbing (wood blocks) the crews were able to rescue the horse with minor cuts and scrapes. During the rescue, a veterinarian from the Adams County Animal Control was on scene to monitor the condition of the horse. When the horse was finally freed from the bars, he was supported with some straps using the owner’s bobcat.

It appears that the horse will be fine. No crew or civilian injuries were reported.

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