Thursday, October 27, 2011

ALERT: Telephone Scams (Commerce City)

The Commerce City Police Department and other Denver Metro Police Departments have observed an increase in telephone scams. These telephone scams, frequently referred to as “Grandparent Scams” are directed towards the Elderly and specifically the Hispanic population.

The premise of the scams is a party calls a resident posing as their grandchild or niece/nephew and says they have been involved in an accident out of the country. The caller then asks the resident to wire transfer money to help cover medical bills and/or rental car deductibles. At the end of the call, the scammer asks the resident to not call other family members because they are embarrassed and don’t want to get lectured by their parents.

Unfortunately residents of Commerce City have fallen victim to this scam, and have lost thousands of dollars.

The Commerce City Police Department is asking for residents to familiarize themselves with this scam, and to educate their family and neighbors so they do not fall victim.

If you or someone you know receives one of these phone calls, ask the caller for a phone number where they can be called back, then contact a family member to ask the whereabouts of the person who is allegedly calling. Make every attempt to verify the person’s status and wellbeing. If you are unable to contact a family member to verity they are ok, do not send money until you can verity it is a legitimate emergency.

If at any time you are uncertain of the validity of a call contact your local police department by calling 911, and an officer will assist you.

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