Saturday, November 5, 2011

Adams County Unveils Newest Public Art

The Adams County Board of Commissioners and Visual Arts Commission dedicated the county’s latest public artwork, “Wellspring,” on Nov. 2, 2011. Created by Loveland Artist Mark Liechliter, the “Wellspring” sculpture pays tribute to the county’s rich past and promising future.

“Art is food for the soul, and throughout history, going back to Greek and Roman times, public art has both fed the soul of its community and been a reflection of the best its creative culture has to offer to posterity.” said Bob Grant, chairman of the Visual Arts Commission. “This is a prime example of the impactful beauty of public art. We thank the Board of County Commissioners, the Adams County Cultural Council and the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District for recognizing the importance of public art to our community and for supporting the Adams County Visual Arts Commission.”

Liechliter incorporated attributes of Adams County’s agricultural heritage and urban progression into “Wellspring.” The sculpture, which took him approximately 400 hours to complete, is made of stainless steel. The main structure of the sculpture is in the geographic shape of the county, standing on its side. There are circles symbolizing central pivot irrigation system from an aerial view while also mimicking a wheel which represents transportation. Long, curved blades of steel signifying blades of grass or grain surround the county’s shape, paying tribute to the county’s agricultural roots.

Funding for the sculpture comes from a designated one half of one percent of the capital budget to construct the Government Center. The Adams County Visual Arts Commission was also awarded $43,550 in Scientific & Cultural Facilities District funds from the Adams County Cultural Council for “Wellspring.” This was the highest amount awarded in the Long Term Visual Arts category and this year the council spent all of the money allocated by its formula in the Visual Arts category. It was the sixth highest award given out of 47 organizations that requested funds in all categories.

The Visual Arts Commission was established in 1996 and was made an arm of county government in December 2001 by the Board of County Commissioners. Its mission is to commission sculptures and other artwork for the new Adams County Government Center and other county facilities that reflect and preserve the rich history and culture of Adams County.

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