Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oil and Gas Well Operations Near 104th and Tower Road in Reunion

The operation on Tower Road is a well that is going to be fracked starting Sunday November 20 at 6am. The property is not in Commerce City.

There may be as many as 20 fracturing operation rigs on site at that time and the operation will be completed Sunday morning. Horizontal drilling will occur at a future date. Once they are done, they will be moving over to another site near 104th and Picadilly to perform the same operation.

There is a double high and thick wall of hay bales in place to help buffer noise and views from the South Lawn Reunion neighborhood. The site supervisor informed the Commerce City staff that the operation should only take a couple of hours and they’ll be out of there (moving to the other location @ 104th/Picadilly). This does not likely complete the operation at this site however; it is likely they’ll be back at some point to drill horizontally at this site. It is important to note this is an existing site, permitted in 1993.

Commerce City staff will conduct additional research to determine the differences between the City, Adams County, and State Regulations with respect to permitting, cross-jurisdictional notice, and public notice of these operations.

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  1. Commerce City North property values just hit an all time low. $0.00 per house. No one will buy in the area with fracking and the health concerns it brings. No house is worth cancer. Good luck to the south, you water supply will be next. Take care all... we are walking away. Let the bank sort it out.