Friday, December 9, 2011

Increase in Residential Burglaries in Commerce City Northern Range

The Commerce City Police Department has observed an increase in residential burglaries in the months of November and December. These burglaries occurred in the northern area of Commerce City (north of 96th Avenue), and the suspects gained entry to the residences through the basement windows. Items stolen in these burglaries included electronics, jewelry, and guns.

These burglaries occurred during the daytime, and in some instances the suspects parked their vehicle in the garage to load items. Please keep an extra eye out on your community, and report any suspicious activities by calling 911.

Below are some crime prevention tips for your home and property:
• Cover windows with drapery or frosting to prevent outside visual inspection of valuables.
• Keep windows closed and locked.
• For basement windows, install bars or security grates over window wells.
• Keep windows clear of obstruction from landscaping.
• Keep your front, rear, and side exterior lighting on at night.
• Lock the door between the garage and residence.
• Ensure that doors from the exterior to the garage, and from the garage to the residence, are of metal or solid wood construction.

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