Friday, January 20, 2012

Adams County Adopts New Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

The Adams County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution in public hearing on Jan. 18, 2012, adopting the new Adams County Mission, Vision, Values and Goals as the framework by which the county operates and delivers services to the taxpayers and residents of Adams County.

The elected officials of Adams County, in keeping with the commitment to change the way the county does business, met in a series of strategic planning meetings to formulate these statements of principles, standards and ideals.

“Going forward, we will need to prove every day that what we adopted is more than words on paper,” said board chairman W. R. “Skip” Fischer. “We adopted a new direction for Adams County that focuses on transparency, accountability and, most importantly, trust.”

A comprehensive and unified effort to incorporate these principles into the culture of Adams County is being launched and includes organizational culture development and training for all employees.

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