Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Adams County Democratic Assembly and Convention Results

Results- Contested Races

Adams County Commissioner District 1
Mark Kaiser-5.35%
Eva Henry-58.88%
Kenneth Ciancio-35.76%

Adams County Commissioner District 2
Charles "Chaz" Tedesco-75.36%
Alice Nichol-24.63%

House District 32
Tracey Snyder-19.75%
Dominick Moreno-80.25%

Results-Uncontested Races

Senate District 21-Jessie Ulibarri-100%
Senate District 25-Mary Hodge-100%
House District 30-Jenise May-100%
House District 31-Joe Salazar-100%
House District 34-Steve Lebsock-100%
House District 35-Cherylin Peniston-100%
House District 56-because they are multi-county, they did not convene March 17.

The state primary is June 26, and the deadline to register to vote is May 29.

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