Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adams County Republican Assembly Candidate Voting Results...

In the final credentials report for the Adams County Republican 2012 Assembly, they had 510 delegates seated, including 134 alternates seated to take the place of delegates who could not participate. Below is the list of candidates who were designated to the primary ballot (which requires 30% of the vote.)

County Commissioner District 1:
Gary Mikes 60.32%
Kaarl Hoopes 37.45%

County Commissioner District 2:
Donnia Howell 68.43%

Senate Dist 21:
Francine Bigelow 38%

Senate Dist 25:
John Sampson 100%

House Dist 30:
Mike Sheely 99%

House Dist 31:
Beth Humenik 100%

House Dist 32:
Aryel Reish 66%
Paul Reimer 33%

House Dist 34:
Jodina Widhalm 100%

House Dist 35:
Brian Vande Krol 100%

House Dist 56 is a multi-county district, whose candidate designation to the primary ballot will be at their multi-county assembly on April 13. (The incumbent is our own Kevin Priola)

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