Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Commerce City – The Gateway News received a news tip from an Adams County resident about a large pile of dead pigs located at about Imboden Street and 88th Avenue . It was reported that the pigs had been laying in the ditch for several days. When a reporter was confused about the location of the dead pigs, that person found a dead goat and another dead pig along 88th Avenue, east of Imboden.

Tri County Health Department’s Environmental Health division has been contacted and will give us a report as further information is available. If you observe any dead animals please contact them at 303-288-6816 and ask to speak to an environmental health inspector.

Across the field from the ditch where the dead pigs are located is an oil and gas operation, operator Renegade Oil & Gas. There is a “produced water” tank and also an open pit of “produced water” at the site. “Produced water” is the chemical and sand infused water that is pumped into a well at very high pressure to hydraulic fracture the shale underneath to release the oil and natural gas. It is commonly called “fracking”. When the chemical laden water is brought back up to the surface it is called “produced water”. It is then stored in tanks or open pits.

The Gateway News has been told that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the COGCC (Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission) have also been contacted regarding the situation.

Story will be updated as information is received.


  1. Is it typical for produced water tanks to be open and offgassing VOC's into the surrounding air shed?

    1. it is typical and against federal law

  2. It will be interesting to learn the cause of death. There WILL be an investigation, isn't that right? And there will be a newspaper report to make sure of a follow up, RIGHT?

  3. I was told that there would be NO testing of the dead animals...