Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adams County School District #14 Vote 5 to 0 to Appoint Patrick Sanchez as the New Superintendent

The Adams #14 Board of Education are all on the same page when it came to the recommendation of the new Superintendent of Schools. The district started the national search which resulted in 18 total candidates from all over the Nation. The Board narrowed the pool to four finalists who included: Dr. David L. Gray, John Randal (Randy) Johnson, Dr. Bobby Northern and Patrick Sánchez. The Board voted on Wednesday June 6th to appointment Patrick Sánchez as the new Superintendent.

 Board member Dave Rolla expressed he was surprised at the number of interested candidates due to the negative light and turmoil the district has been put in. Board president Robert Vashaw stated that the chosen candidate, Patrick Sanchez will be respectful to not only the parents and children, but the staff teachers and board members as well. Board member Mary Morton says this was a daunting task that was not easy.

Candidate Dr. Bobby Northern, an affiliate with the U.S. Air Force Academy was portrayed as a very close second. It was even stated that Mr. Northern might have even been a perfect fit for Adams #14. The only problem is that Adams County School District #14 is on a timeline with the state to turn things around. It is reported that the district has 2, maybe 3 years to improve or face a possible state take over. Board member Adrian Schimpf stated that the chosen candidate Mr. Sanchez has a history of turning schools around and also has very good references.

The Adams #14 Board of Education expressed their desire to gain the support of the community in their final decision of appointing Patrick Sanchez as the new D#14 Superintendent of Schools. Another fact that should be noted was the unanimous vote of the board in this appointment. Learn more about the New Adams #14 Superintendent CLICK HERE...

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