Saturday, November 28, 2009

The 2nd Annual Adams County Family Leadership Training Institute is now enrolling!

We are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Adams County Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI). FLTI is a 20-week course based on the premise that the family is a child’s first and most important teacher, and that families are the best advocates for children and their communities. With over 15 years of proven, result-based outcomes in the State of Connecticut, the FLTI program has been brought to Adams County in order to enable parents and other adults to become leaders for children and local communities.

Participants are trained and supported as they develop their own leadership abilities and learn about government and community.

Who should apply?

FLTI is for anyone who would like to enhance their capacity to make positive change in the community and improve the lives of children and families:

parents, grandparents, non-traditional heads of families, and citizens.

Training includes:

A kick-off retreat to develop group communication: January 16, 2010
10 weeks of classes on self and perception of leadership: January to March 2010.
10 weeks of classes on government, policy and media: April to June 2010
Support for each participant to develop and implement a Community Project of their choice.
Graduation ceremony and FLTI Certification upon successful completion of the 20 week course.

Participant Requirements: Participants must attend all three phases of training. The class meets for 4 hours a night, one night a week for 20 weeks.

Cost: FREE, and dinner and child care are provided at no cost.

Family Leadership Training Institute
Curriculum Outline

Retreat Creating a Caring Community for Children
(Goal: To develop group communication)

Session 1 Thriving with Diversity in the Group Process
Session 2 The Change Process
Session 3 Parents as Change Agents
Session 4 How to Define a Problem and Work Toward a Solution
Session 5 The Intentional Use of Language
Session 6 Learning How a Community Works
Session 7 How Local Systems Work and How to Interact with Them
Session 8 Networks
Session 9 The Power of the Media and How to Use it
Session 10 Using Your Voice
(The first 10 weeks of classes focus on self and perception of leadership.)

Session 11 The Life Cycle of the Child and the Functions of the Family
Session 12 Social and Economic Trends Affecting Children and Families
Session 13 What is Public Policy?
Session 14 How the State Works
Session 15 How a City Works
Session 16 How Do We Understand Law
Session 17 Budgets - From Wallets to State - It’s all Money and Priorities
Session 18 Evaluation, Outcomes and Accountability
Session 19 The Magic of the Unexpected Forming New Alliances
Session 20 Language: Packaging and Moving Agendas
(The second 10 weeks focus on practicing democracy skills.)

For more information, or to request an application to participate in this exciting program, contact Charlie Ellis at 303.818-1818 or via email at

The deadline for returning a completed application is Friday, January 8, 2010.

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