Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Report Shows State Workforce Nearly Stressed to Limit

Colorado WINS Analysis Reveals State Government Operations,
Personnel Under Serious Duress

Denver, CO – A new report issued today by Colorado WINS shows state services and personnel are stressed to the limit by Colorado’s budget crisis. The report details a variety of data that confirm Colorado lags far behind other states in the region in terms of investment in its state workforce.

“Our report verifies what state employees in the field have been saying for the better part of a year,” said Colorado WINS Executive Director Robert Gibson. “We have been cut to the bone, and not only are Colorado WINS members suffering but so are the citizens of Colorado.”

The key findings uncovered by the report include:

• COLORADO ALREADY HAS THE LEANEST WORKFORCE IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN REGION. Colorado is home to the fewest state employees per capita in the Rocky Mountain Region.

• COLORADO DRASTICALLY UNDER INVESTS IN CRITICAL STATE ASSETS. In terms of per capita state spending on many key priorities –education, highways, police protection and natural resources– Colorado ranks lowest in the region.

• COLORADO IS DISINVESTING IN ITS STATE WORKFORCE. Colorado state employee pay, adjusted for inflation, has been stagnant since 2002 – up just 1.8%; during the same period, pay in other Rocky Mountain states for state employees has risen sharply during that same time period.

• COLORADO’S STATE WORKFORCE PROVIDES SUPERIOR SERVICE FOR INFERIOR PAY. Colorado is the wealthiest state in the region with a median family income of $70,164, but the per capita monthly cost for the total state employee payroll is just $62.31.

"Calling for mass layoffs and pay-cuts may make for great sound bites but defies logic when our workforce is already stretched to the limit,” said David Pertz, Secretary of Colorado WINS and correctional officer at Delta Correctional Facility. “We need balanced, rational solutions that look at all options.”

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