Thursday, February 18, 2010

Search of Adams City High School for illegal contraband and narcotics

On February 17, 2010 at approximately 8:15 a.m., several Adams County police agencies, in cooperation with Adams County School District 14, conducted a search of Adams City High School for illegal contraband and narcotics.

Various K-9 units from throughout Adams County joined together to search the building. The school was temporarily locked down while the search was conducted.

These efforts are conducted randomly at the school’s request to ensure student safety and compliance with school regulations and state laws.

The police K-9’s located illegal narcotics in four student lockers and two student vehicles. Those students are now facing misdemeanor charges.

The effort was successful, and it showed great cooperation among several different organizations.


  1. Well I got to say, as a student of Adams City High School, I believe that the interruption was unnecesary. In reality, it makes it seem as if you are after us because we a re a bunch of "Pot heads." I haven't heard of the police going into other schools like Pairiew view or Cherry Creek... why? Oh, because we're the bad ones, they have money so they're not bad. I really did not appreciate it, and it might seem like it was succesful, but in reality you just interrupted learning.

  2. Whatever! Other schools get searched as well, you are just un-informed! The real interruption is the idiots who run around smoking and bothering law abiding kids.