Friday, March 19, 2010

The Children’s Museum of Denver Pops Open Week-long Celebration for National Bubble Week March 20th – 26th

Museum to participate in National Bubble Week in honor of new Bubbles exhibit opening May 15th

Denver, Co – Despite the snow, the Children’s Museum of Denver is joining the country in celebration of National Bubble Week. Gearing up for the grand opening of the Museum’s new exhibit, Bubbles, on May 15th, all daily programming from March 20th – 26th will be replaced by magical bubble activities.

As Bubbles are swirling onto the world stage, the Children’s Museum of Denver is bringing them to the local community. Each day of the week will feature different bubble activities that promote science and fun behind the shiny and translucent wonders that float across backyards everywhere. The week-long bubble festivities will allow children to explore the many complex layers of bubbles beyond what the eye can see.

Programs will be tailored to children, 2-8, and will follow the Museum’s approach of “learning by doing.” Families can enjoy hands-on activities like playing with giant bursting bubbles, creating masterpieces of bubble art with dry ice and crafting their own magical bubble wands. Kids can whip up sweet and yummy bubble gum, and learn how gas and pressure makes a bubble go “pop!” Visitors can participate in fun projects like assembling groovy lava lamps with bubbles of water in oil and building crazy bubble concoctions made from household items. Museum educators will also give tips on how to bring bubble fun into your own home.

Each day during National Bubble Week is different. For the schedule of activities, visit

National Bubble Week
National Bubble Week rings in the first day of spring. It began in 2000, and was created by Oddzon, makers of Koosh bubbles. Oddzon stated that National Bubble Week “was created to herald the first day of spring-the unspoken first day of the bubble-blowing season.” The Children’s Museum of Denver is passing on this tradition and beginning the spring season with bubbles blowing in and outside the Museum with educational and fun activities.

Bubble World Records
National Bubble Week enthusiasm extends far and wide with bubbles setting world records. In 2006, Sam Heath, known as "Sam Sam the Bubble Man," set the Guinness World Record for most people inside a single bubble with 50 kids encased in a giant bubble, 11 feet across and 5 feet high, at the science museum in London. The world record for the largest land mammal inside a bubble was set in 2008 with an elephant weighing over 8,800 lbs and standing at 8.5 feet tall. In 2009, Gary Duschl of Virginia set the record for longest bubble gum wrapper chain at 58,266 feet.

About the Children’s Museum of Denver
Since its inception in 1973, the Children’s Museum of Denver has been a place that ignites and fosters a great love of learning. Our mission is to create a community where children and their grownups learn through play. The Museum provides rich play experiences and a dynamic learning environment to help young children prepare for their future. The Children's Museum of Denver is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization that relies heavily on the support of Museum friends.

The Children’s Museum of Denver is located at I-25 and 23rd Avenue (exit 211), in the Platte River Valley. For more details about the Museum, and its programs and events please visit

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