Friday, March 26, 2010

City of Commerce City 2011 Appropriations Requests to Congressman Ed Perlmutter

Project Title: Interoperable Communications Equipment
Amount Requested: $713,000
Jobs created or saved: NA

Project Description: Commerce City is seeking funding to purchase state-of-the-art interoperable communications equipment, allowing its police department to communicate across jurisdictional and departmental lines. Such equipment includes: 54 mobile computers for police and emergency vehicles, 35 fixed mounted radios and 20 portable radios for supervisors, upgrades to the mobile emergency management command center, and additional equipment required by the first responders tactical accountability project.

Taxpayer Impact: The ability to communicate and share information during an emergency is essential to a prompt and effective response. This equipment will enhance our preventative and response capacities.

Project Title: Construction of On-Ramp from Tower Road to Pena Blvd.
Amount Requested: $1,250,000
Jobs created or saved: 26

Project Description: Commerce City is seeking federal funding to complete the construction of the final on-ramp at the interchange of Tower Road and Pena Boulevard. This on-ramp will allow for Tower Road drivers to directly access Pena Boulevard going south/west.

Taxpayer Impact: This project would complete the “missing” on-ramp at this essential interchange. Once completed it will enable Commerce City residents in the Reunion area to more quickly and conveniently travel to Denver and other locations.

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