Saturday, March 6, 2010

Got 2 minutes…?

The AVID program at Prairie View High School has scheduled its 2nd Colorado College Road Trip for April 7-11. During this trip, 12 junior and senior students will visit 5 Colorado colleges and area attractions in search of the perfect college “fit”. These students took the initiative and planned much of the trip themselves and are determined to go.

However, the cost of the trip may hold some of them back. We are doing everything we can to raise money for this trip. The students are planning many fundraising projects and I have applied for a grant through to pay the transportation and housing costs (around $2000). The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has agreed to double any donation made toward the trip through, if the trip gets fully funded. In other words, if donors will put up $1000, the foundation will cover the other half.

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