Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Landmark Students Document Amazing Growth in 2009

Catherine Witt, Principal, Landmark Academy Lisa Gjellum, Asst. Principal, Landmark Academy

Landmark students in grades kindergarten through seventh are required to take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) three times each year. That way, teachers can be assured that each student is gaining appropriately. The average non-school person might think that since ½ the year is over, our expectation would be that they’ve gained ½ year of knowledge. But, that is wrong! This year we challenged our students to make an entire year’s gain in only ½ a year. Not surprisingly, many students ‘took up the gauntlet’ and met this challenge.

                                  READING     LANGUAGE         MATH
KINDERGARTEN   98% growth      n/a                           93% growth
FIRST GRADE         88% growth      n/a                           87% growth
SECOND GRADE   72% growth      64% growth             67% growth
THIRD GRADE        64% growth      58% growth            61% growth
FOURTH GRADE    66% growth      63% growth             63% growth
FIFTH GRADE         68% growth      74% growth             70% growth
SIXTH GRADE        67% growth       61% growth             62% growth
SEVENTH GRADE  43% growth      52% growth             64% growth

If you’d like to know more about the MAP test, go to www.nwea.org to find out exactly how this test measures your child’s achievement.

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