Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Landmark’s Spelling Team Participates in District Spelling Bee

This year, we decided to have the top 12 spellers in 4th through 7th grade form a Spelling Team. All 4th through 7th graders took a spelling pretest in December. The students who chose to participate on the Spelling Team were Valeria Araujo, Alissa Bennett, Priya Byati, Michael Carbajal, Sydney Hardacre, Carter Nordhus, Braden Perez, Drew Petit, Matthew Tracy, and Andrew Wilson. After 4 early morning spelling practices, the top three spellers from this group were chosen to represent and compete at the District Spelling Bee on February 17.

Landmark was well represented by Valeria Araujo, who made it to the third round, Sydney Hardacre and Drew Petit, who both made it to the second round. Several of their spelling teammates and their families came to the District Spelling Bee to cheer on our Landmark Spellers.

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