Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rep. Priola Proposal Sent to Governor

State Rep. Kevin Priola, R-Henderson, today is celebrating success as his House Bill 1185 cleared the final legislative hurdle.

Priola’s House Bill 1185 continues to guarantee Colorado consumers that the ten gallon purchase of gas that they pay for is actually ten gallons. The bill would provide surety that the state and businesses take a pro-active approach to promptly clean-up accidental spills from leaking tanks and handle it in an environmentally responsible manner.

“This bill makes sure that people who pay for fifteen gallons of gas actually receive fifteen gallons of gas when they fill up their car,” Priola said. “We must continue to do more to help Coloradans, and this bill does just that.”

Under the proposal, fuel that is put in consumers cars would be tested and inspected to ensure that it meets the state standards, an increasingly important service with the emergence of biofuels.

“Colorado’s tank fund is a shining example of government working with industry to create a solution that is efficient, environmentally responsible and fiscally sound,” Priola said. “I am very pleased with the amount of support that this bill has received from members of both sides of the aisle.”

HB 1185 was granted unanimous approval by both the state House and Senate. Priola says he expects the governor to take action on the proposal in the coming weeks.

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