Monday, March 8, 2010


As of March 1, 2010, the Adams County Sheriff's Office has a new Undersheriff. Paul Siska retired from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office on February 28, 2010, after thirty-three-years of dedicated service, leaving the critical position of Undersheriff vacant. Sheriff Doug Darr evaluated several viable candidates to take the Undersheriff’s position and after extensive consideration Roger Engelsman as selected. On March 3, 2010, Undersheriff Engelsman was officially sworn-in.

In Adams County, the Undersheriff is the Chief Operations Officer. A few of the duties of Undersheriff include assuming command of the agency in the absence of the Sheriff and collaborating with elected and appointed federal, state, and local officials. He will supervise, train, and evaluate Patrol, Detective, Jail, and Administrative Services Division Commanders of the agency.

Undersheriff Engelsman is a fifteen-year veteran of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. He came to the Sheriff’s Office as a Patrol Lieutenant from the Northglenn Police Department where he had served for over thirteen years as a patrol officer and as a detective.

Sheriff Darr commented, “As Undersheriff he will have many challenges ahead of him and I am certain he will be able to handle each of them with a high-level of competency and professionalism. We have worked together for some time now and he has established himself as a skilled professional and an asset to Adams County. I know he will do a great job for the Sheriff’s Office and for the citizens of Adams County.”

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