Sunday, April 25, 2010

Candidate for Colorado Governor Levi Hancock on Immigration

Illegal immigration is a problem of all borders not just the southern one and it is a matter of national and state security. We must secure our borders with reasonable and cost effective means to assure not one more illegal alien enters our country. If they are caught they need to be deported as soon as possible and they must be prosecuted if a crime occurred and deported upon release from jail or prison. This only addresses the recent arrivals. And for the existing aliens that have assimilated into our culture in most cases and lead productive and valuable lives, we can continue to deal with them one at a time if they get arrested or we can finally solve the problem with a compromise.

Because this is a national issue I am not sure we can solve it at a state level but I am sure we can work on a solution that will benefit the people of our state. In the Age of Terrorism, to say that we cannot secure any one of our borders is a dangerous sort of defeatism. I support appropriations for the U.S.-Mexico border fence approved by Congress and the President. I do not support rewarding the act of illegal entry into this country with citizenship, but I do support allowing those undocumented workers who are already in this country to continue to work and thus help the American economy recover.

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  1. Our Elected have always rewarded the ILLEGAL immigrants in recent times with and by several amnesties that didn't work. These amnesties do nothing but encourage more problems with ILLEGAL immigration. We can not continue to sustain this situation, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Arizona's enforcement of laws that the Federal government refuse to enforce shows that we must remove the elected officials that support the ILLEGAL immigrants. Their agenda ( Politicians that support ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ) do nothing but allow the ILLEGALS to suck you and me out of what we have worked so hard for all of our life and gives them a better chance for reelection. Our money and the security of our National lands are critical in this time period. If things continue as is we will see the ILLEGALS gaining more power from the "D's and R's" that support them. This Great Nation WE built will be left holding the bag of higher taxes and debt generated by this ILLEGAL activity. As ILLEGALS take over the laws will change to be politically correct and that will encourages even more problems. Voters MUST look at all candidates and what they support and vote out those that do not reflect our wishes. Vote smart in 2010.

    My grandparents on both sides immigrated to America LEGALLY and I am not against legal immigration but against those that come here with nothing but contempt of our laws and our customs and force us to use a language that divides us in two. One language, one Nation. Two languages divides and will end us. If you moved to China, I think you would need to learn Chinese, move to America, lean English. Vote with care this 2010.....