Thursday, April 29, 2010


Describing it as a tough, fair and balanced operating plan that minimizes pain, preserves essential services and protects communities, Gov. Bill Ritter today signed into law the Fiscal Year 2010-11 state budget, which takes effect July 1. Members of the Legislature’s Joint Budget Committee and legislative leadership joined the Governor for the signing of the $20 billion House Bill 10-1376.

“This is a tough budget that reflects tough times,” Gov. Ritter said. “We took a balanced approach to balancing the budget, and we called on everyone to share in the burdens and to share in the solutions. It’s a budget that maintains public safety, preserves the safety net and protects our communities. It minimizes pain and upholds our commitment to the most vulnerable Coloradans -- abused and neglected children, people with mental illnesses, and those with developmental disabilities who rely on state services for their very survival.

“This spending plan also preserves funding for programs and incentives that promote job creation, support small businesses, continue to advance the New Energy Economy and encourage a return to economic health,” the Governor added. “We have successfully balanced the state’s many needs and priorities against recession-era revenues without disrupting essential services or harming our quality of life.”

Senate President Brandon Shaffer: “We have tried to craft a budget that will help our families, strengthen our businesses and protect the most vulnerable populations like our children and seniors. I would like to thank the Joint Budget Committee for all of its hard work and Colorado citizens for their sacrifices to balance a budget with a $1 billion shortfall.”

Vice Chair of the Joint Budget Committee/Sen. Moe Keller: “The budget was extremely complicated and we had to make many tough decisions. In the end we worked to create a fiscal plan that is consistent with our values and that will best serve the most citizens.”

JBC member Rep. Mark Ferrandino: “The budget shows how we continued to be fiscally responsible, by tightening our belts and making government leaner. We took a balanced approach, making cuts and closing tax loopholes so that corporations pay their fair share.”

JBC member Sen. Abel Tapia: “With the budget shortfall, this wasn’t an easy process, but I’m proud to have helped to balance the budget this year. We have done the best we can to protect core services, help local communities, and stimulate the economy so that in future years Colorado will not have such hard choices to make.”

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