Thursday, April 29, 2010

Informed Consent Search Coalition Applauds Passage of Bill

Governor signs Fourth Amendment protections legislation

COLORADO - Today, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter signed HB 1201, the Consent Search Bill, which will direct law enforcement officers to advise someone of their constitutional right to decline to consent to a search that is not based on probable cause. The following is a statement from Art Way, coordinator of the Informed Consent Search Coalition:

"It is encouraging to see our home state of Colorado strike the proper balance between constitutional integrity and effective law enforcement by strengthening the Fourth Amendment rights of every Coloradan while codifying best practices by law enforcement. This law will strengthen the trust and relationships between Colorado communities and law enforcement.

"The passage of this law is the result of lengthy negotiations and compromise with stakeholders from both our coalition and the law enforcement community, as well as from all sides of the political spectrum. We would like to commend Rep. Middleton and Senator Steadman for their leadership on this effort; they knew to stand up when it counted the most. All of the sponsors worked hard to achieve bipartisan support for this important legislation, and a big win for all Coloradoans. Today, we would especially like to thank Governor Ritter, for having the foresight to sign this important bill into law.

"Of course, this success would not have been possible without the dedication and tireless work of our coalition, members and supporters. This bill is a great step towards enshrining constitutional protections for everyone. "

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