Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Adams 14 Staff Disappointed in the 10% Overall Decline in 2010 CSAP Third Grade Reading

The District is disappointed with a 10 percent decrease in the overall third grade scores. The focus for 2010-11 will be on correcting the implementation dip for reform initiatives. In the meantime, Adams 14 will offer a targeted summer reading program to provide students with critical skills required to enter fourth grade successfully.

Detailed Proficient/Advanced Percent comparisions for years 2010 vs. 2009 scores are as follows:

School                        Year 2010    Year 2009    Change
Alsup Elementary          47%              76%              -29%
Central Elementary       40%              46%              -6%
Dupont Elementary       51%              66%             -15%
Hanson PreK-8             39%              27%             +12%
Kemp Elementary         43%              63%             -20%
Monaco Elementary      34%              52%             -18%
Rose Hill Elementary     53%              71%             -18%
CLA (Charter School)  56%              37%              +19%


  1. I guess no one will doing a jig?

  2. A really bad month for the city of Commerce City

  3. vickey, commerce cityWednesday, May 05, 2010

    too sad!

  4. so shouldn't vashaw fire someone?

  5. If you look at John Lange record, the scores where on the increase and now with the incompetent superintendent the scores are going back, This not the teachers fault or the budget is the lack of leadership on the board of education and superintendant.

  6. so sad, Commerce City District 14 needs to make some drastic changes.

  7. Janice, Commerce CityFriday, May 07, 2010

    man this sucks. Admin and Board have to get into CRISIS mode.

  8. Monica, Commerce CityFriday, May 07, 2010

    is this because of the teachers or students not learning, why is this happening?

    Most concerning is Alsup.

  9. they say this is nothing but a bump in the road, I guess only time will tell.

  10. Alsup is concerning, they used to be in the 90%s, what the hell has happened.

  11. What about the charter school? Isn't that part of ACSD #14?

  12. your absolute right. I will post in article now. It was an oversight on my behalf.

    CLA: 2010:56% 2009:37% difference of"+19%

  13. The 10% decrease includes the 19% increase from the charter school. It would be worse if they hadn't included CLA.