Friday, May 21, 2010

Frazier Takes Top Line at Congressional District 7th Assembly

GOLDEN - Ryan Frazier won top line at last night’s 7th Congressional District Assembly garnering 171 delegate votes out of 355 ballots cast, 48% of the total vote.

“We set out last night with two very important objectives. First, to get on the Republican primary ballot, and second, to take top line at our Congressional District Assembly. We achieved both goals,” said Frazier.

“This was a great victory for our team, and our volunteers. Now, we begin our Primary election campaign and take our message of a New Way Forward to all Republicans in the 7th Congressional District;” said Frazier.

Frazier begins the primary election with a commanding lead in fundraising, over 2,000 volunteers and poll numbers that show him at a statistical tie against Ed Perlmutter.

“I’m excited about the months ahead of us,” said Frazier. “Lang Sias is a worthy opponent, and I look forward to the exchange of ideas. We will take nothing for granted, working every day to prove to the voters that I am the right candidate to beat Ed Perlmutter and win the 7th.”

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