Friday, May 7, 2010

North Metro Times A Closer Look: Refinements and Spring 2010 (Issue No. 2)

The most up to date North Metro Newsletter (PDF) is now available CLICK HERE. In this issue, you will find the latest refinements and updates including recommendations for grade separations (bridges) at 104th and 120th Avenues, changes to noise mitigation, and the anticipated schedule for the completion of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).

Additional information can be found on the project website at - - click on North Metro Corridor.

* For specific information on noise mitigation changes and graphics, visit the What's New page.
* For an overview of the April 2010 Public Meetings, including
a summary of the Q&A sessions, visit Stay Connected > Meeting Materials and Summaries & April 2010 Public Meetings.
* Additional information on other FasTracks Corridors and the overall FasTracks Program is available at

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