Thursday, May 27, 2010

Severe Storm Hits Commerce City

COMMERCE CITY ― At approximately 1:30 this afternoon, a severe hail storm struck the north end of Commerce City. The storm formed rapidly and caught many motorists off-guard. Several tornados were also sighted in the City, one as far south as Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. Other tornados were sighted in the area of East 88th Avenue and Tower Road, and East 96th Avenue and Chambers Road.

The areas between East 96th Avenue and East 120th Avenue, between Chambers Road and Tower Road were hit the hardest, with hail diameter ranging between golf ball and baseball size, and accumulations estimated between 6 and 12 inches on the ground. Due to the intensity of the storm and the icy conditions created on the roadways, officers and EMS personnel were dispatched to several accidents in the area. Only one of the accidents involved minor injuries.

Monetary damage estimates are still underway at this time. It was determined that most vehicles that were out of garages or not under a covered area sustained windshield and body damage, including two Commerce City Police vehicles. Numerous houses in the Reunion and Fronterra subdivisions also sustained damage, in the form of holes in the siding, broken windows, and damage to landscaping. Livestock owners in the area also reported minor injuries to animals caught in the storm.

The storm continued to move northeast from Commerce City. Further information will be released as it comes available.

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