Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hansen Announces Bipartisan Endorsements of Current and Former Adams County Elected Officials

(Thornton, CO) - June 1, 2010 - Following the announcement of his candidancy for Adams County commissioner on Monday, Erik Hansen unveiled 17 endorsements from local Adams County officials.

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"I am both humbled and emboldened by the endorsements of these current and former Adams County elected officials," Hansen said. "These voices represent the growing interest in seeing more balance on the commission and a stronger commitment to job creation."

Monday at Hansen's announcement he stressed the importance of protecting the county's fiscal solvency and providing a fresh voice to the commission. No stranger to working with both parties, Hansen's endorsements illustrated members from across the political spectrum.

Hansen will be unopposed on the primary ballot and will face incumbent commissioner Larry Pace this November.

Hansen endorsements:
Jan Bach, former Thornton City Councilmember
Bob Briggs, former Adams County Commissioner
Mark Clark, Adams 12 School Board Director
Steve Cramer, former Adams County Commissioner
Mary Dambman, former Colorado State Representative
Randy Drennen, Thornton City Councilmember
Marty Flaum, former Adams County Commissioner
Shawn Ford, former Commerce City Mayor
June Kuehn, former Thornton City Councilmember
Ron Kuehn, former Thornton City Councilmember
John Lefebvre, former Adams County Treasurer
Bob McCoy, former Northglenn City Councilmember
Shawn Mitchell, Colorado State Senator
Jan Pawlowski, former Brighton Mayor
Kevin Priola, Colorado State Representative
Heidi Williams, Adams 12 School Board Director
Bill Zulauf, former Thornton City Councilmember

Erik Hansen currently serves as the Mayor of Thornton, the largest city in Adams County. Prior that, Hansen also served as a Councilmember from Ward IV in Thornton. Thornton has balanced nine straight budgets in his tenure, made job creation his top focus, and made it a priority to develop regional partnerships to solve big problems. As Mayor he led the charge for two historic agreements with Adams 12 Five Star Schools to save the taxpayers millions of dollars in duplicated services and create thousands of jobs. He helped form and currently chairs the North Area Transportation Alliance of eleven area cities to advocate for Adams County's fair share of transportation funding.

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