Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seasonal Reminders from Code Enforcement

As it does every year, the arrival of warmer weather brings a change in our daily activities and routines. City of Brighton Code Enforcement officers would like to remind residents of a few local ordinances they should keep in mind during the upcoming months.

1) While April showers may bring May flowers, not everything that is turning green or blooming is a welcome sight. Citizens are reminded that City ordinance requires property owners keep grass and weeds cut to a maximum height of 6 inches.

2) With the snow-blowers and snowmobiles winterized and pushed to the back of the garage, it’s time to break out the boats and RV’s. Residents should remember that these vehicles may not be parked on streets or roadways, except while being loaded or unloaded. Additionally, vehicles may not be parked on yards adjacent to the street, unless they are parked on a driveway paved with concrete, asphalt, rock or gravel, or in a side yard behind a lawfully constructed 6 foot privacy fence.

3) Garage sales can be a great way to dispose of unused items re-discovered during spring cleaning. City ordinance limits garage sales to 4 per year per residence.

4) Garage or yard sale signs may only be displayed for three days prior to the sale, and must be removed the day after the sale. No signs may be posted on any public right-of-way, including utility poles and street signs. Vehicle signs are permitted if they do not contain flashing or moving elements, they do not project beyond the surface of the vehicle, and the vehicle is legally parked. Citizens are encouraged to use public bulletin boards located at Campbell Park (650 Southern St.), Brighton Recreation Center (555 N. 11th St.), and Platte River Ranch (Bromley Lane Entrance).

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