Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nearly 800 cats in need of homes today

Dumb Friends League waives adoption fee through August 31 for all cats and kittens

DENVER (July 27, 2010) Eight hundred—it could be the population of a small town or a Denver-area school, but in this case, it’s the number of cats that are in the care of the Dumb Friends League. Due to the cat crisis, the area’s largest animal welfare organization is waiving adoption fees through August 31 for all cats and kittens.

“We have seen about a 47 percent increase in cats and kittens that are brought to both of our shelters compared to this time last year,” said Bob Rohde, president and CEO for the League. “There is an endless stream of homeless cats coming through our doors each day, and we need the community to help us find homes for them.”

The free feline adoptions will be offered at both shelter locations—the Quebec Street shelter in Denver and the Buddy Center in Castle Rock. The waived adoption fee includes a spay/neuter surgery, initial vaccinations, microchip ID implant and a free office visit with a participating veterinarian. The League spends approximately $300 for each homeless cat, including shelter, food and medical care.

“We want to see cats in loving homes not in a shelter, which is why we are waiving adoption fees,” said Theresa Geary, vice president of operations. “The most important thing that we can do right now is place these cats into homes.”

Families that cannot adopt at this time may still help by becoming foster parents for needy cats or dogs. Foster volunteers provide temporary care for an animal in their home—for a few days, weeks or months—until they are ready for adoption or space is available at the shelters. The League provides foster families with food and supplies, as well as veterinary care for pets as needed.

“We need everyone’s help to prevent more pets coming through our doors,” said Geary. “It’s essential that people with unaltered cats and dogs have them spayed or neutered.”

In addition to spaying and neutering every adoptable pet at both shelters, the League also offers donor-subsidized spay/neuter surgeries for pets in underserved areas. These surgeries are performed by licensed veterinarians on the Meow Mobile and the LuLu Mobile.

For more information on the Dumb Friends League, adopting or fostering a homeless cat and spay/neuter resources, visit ddfl.org or call (303) 751-5772.

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