Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Commerce City Police Officers Bravery Saves Lives

17th Judicial District Attorney Don Quick announced that Marcos Giron (dob: 09/14/1986) was found guilty of Aggravated Robbery (F3), Attempted Aggravated Robbery (F4), Attempted Robbery (F5), Theft (F4) and Felony Menacing (F5) for robbery and a series of attempted car jackings in Commerce City, CO

The evidence presented at trial was of a series of incidents that began on the afternoon of March 13, 2009 when two men contacted Eduardo Gomez-Castillo (dob: 03/26/1975) to purchase I-Phones Gomez had listed on Craig’s List. When the men did not show up at the prearranged location to look at the phones, Gomez left. Unbeknownst to Gomez, the men, later identified as Peter Ramirez and Marcos Giron, followed Gomez to the 16000 block of Kalispell and struck his vehicle from behind with their own vehicle. Gomez exited his car to view the damage, and Giron pointed a gun at him threatening to kill him if he didn’t turn over the I-Phones. Giron took the phones while Ramirez forced Gomez to the ground and took his wallet and the contents of his pockets. Ramirez and Giron then fled the scene.

Commerce City Detectives Dan McCoy and Derek Aragon were advised of the “carjacking” and observed the suspect vehicle driving with a blown front tire. After following the vehicle into a driveway, the detectives confronted Giron and Ramirez, but they fled. The car came to a stop at a busy intersection. The suspects got out and Giron pointed a gun at a man in a stopped car in an attempt to steal his vehicle. Detectives shot Giron in the arm before he could shoot the man in the car. A gun fell from his hand. Giron and Ramirez attempted to carjack several other vehicles. In a foot pursuit, the detectives shot at Ramirez and he dropped his pistol. Ramirez was transported to Denver Health Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The Detectives testified that as the chase persisted, they were concerned that the suspects were becoming more aggressive because of their continuing to menace several more people in vehicles at gun point, pounding on windows and threatening to kill the occupants. The jury agreed with the Detectives that the behavior of Giron and Ramirez was violent, aggressive and desperate.

DA Quick states “People made it home safely that day because of the bravery of Detectives McCoy and Aragon putting themselves in harm’s way.”

Giron will be sentenced on September 22, 2010 in Adams County District Court, Division F.

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