Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Commerce City Presentation to lifeguards for saving toddler's life at Reunion Recreation Center

Three lifeguards at the Reunion Recreation Center pool were involved in a life saving incident.

Emily Chess, Josh Boudar and Nate Young were all on duty at the pool when their experience and expertise were called into action.

Emily was the first to notice that something was not right when she saw a 3-year-old toddler floating face down in the shallow end next to a person later identified as the toddler's aunt.

Emily sprang into action, first blowing her whistle to alert other the lifeguards, and then diving into the pool to rescue the toddler. Emily pulled the boy to safety, however, he was not breathing and there was no pulse. As he was pulled to the pool deck, Josh immediately began CPR to revive the toddler. Succeeding in his efforts,
emergency medical services arrived to transport the toddler to a local hospital where he was in intensive care for several days.

The toddler survived due to the heroic efforts of these three outstanding individuals. It is individuals like Emily, Josh and Nate that make our community special.

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