Friday, September 17, 2010

Chemical roundup events postponed

Due to increased cost, low participation rates and budget limitations, the city of Brighton will not offer a household chemical roundup event for its residents during 2010. This program will be re-evaluated in 2011. Although the Adams County Chemical Roundups will continue to take place this year, only waste from residents of unincorporated Adams County, Thornton, Federal Heights and Commerce City will be accepted (proof of residency is required).
Brighton residents are encouraged to find a private company that will provide disposal services. The following list offers alternate ways to dispose of items in an environmentally safe and efficient manner. This is a reference list only, and these businesses are not necessarily affiliated with the city. Fees and restrictions may apply. Please call the companies for specific details.

* Automotive batteries, antifreeze, motor oil, used filters: Streets Division, 303-655-2087

* Electronic waste, computers, cell phones, rechargeable batteries: GRX, 720-377-7700

* Diesel fuel: Mesa Oil, 303-426-4777

* Companies providing hazardous waste collection services are listed in the Phone Book Yellow Pages under “Waste Disposal – Hazardous” or “Environmental and Ecological Services.”

* Explosive or shock sensitive wastes (unwanted ammunition, road flares and fireworks): Brighton Police Department, 303-655-2300

* Fire extinguishers: Fire & Safety of Denver, 303-295-3750 or Eco-Cycle’s CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials), 303-444-6634.

* Appliances, including refrigerators: Brown Appliances, 303-659-0418

Other useful tips:

Choose safer alternatives whenever possible. Avoid aerosols. Avoid products containing chlorinated compounds, petroleum distillates, solvent-based, phenols and formaldehyde. Buy only what you need. Give left-over products to a responsible neighbor or friend. Plant pest and disease resistant species of plants. Dispose of dried latex paint with regular trash. Do not dump chemicals into the sanitary or storm sewer system.

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