Tuesday, October 12, 2010

City has been addressing water quality concerns

The city of Brighton is aware of various neighborhoods throughout the city experiencing a change in the taste and odor of their water. Officials in the city’s Utilities Department have been actively flushing the city’s water system and conducting several tests on the water to determine the cause. Tests have shown that the water is still safe to drink.
Brighton City Council and city staff are concerned about this situation, and are committed to finding the source of the water quality issues and resolving the situation as soon as possible. Fire hydrant flushing will continue to take place throughout the city’s water system in an effort to address the situation. In addition, the City Manager is hiring an outside engineering consultant for further testing, and specifically to determine the water distribution path and why certain houses are affected and others are not. Brighton Utilities has also put together a team of staff members to follow through with customer concerns.

“We have been actively looking into each and every call we receive from our citizens,” said Utilities Director Jim Landeck. “Through the various tests we have conducted, we have been unable to identify one specific cause, however, we do know that our tests have concluded that the water is still safe to drink, cook and bathe in.”

Beginning in July 2010, the city of Brighton began utilizing water from the city of Thornton’s water distribution system. At this time, it is not clear if this is the cause of the change to the taste and odor. Brighton Utilities has been working closely with Thornton Utilities to determine if there is a connection. Citizens in the city of Thornton have not identified a change in their water.

The community’s assistance is needed so utility staff can continue to test affected areas and work towards identifying a source. Citizens are encouraged to report any changes in their water by contacting the city of Brighton Utilities Department at 303-655-2082.

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