Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brighton prepares for winter

As the winter season approaches, the city of Brighton Streets Division has been preparing the trucks, plows and sanders for service. This year, the division will add to their snow route Bridge Street from U.S. 85 to I-76, and Sable Boulevard south of Bromley Lane. To view complete snow routes, visit www.brightonco.gov and click on “Departments” and then “Streets and Fleet.”

The streets crew will also be working to find the most effective chemicals for treating the roadways during a snowstorm. New this year will be the use of “Ice Slicer.”

“Ice Slicer is most effective at lower temperatures and doesn’t contain sand that we have to go back and sweep up after a storm,” said Streets and Fleet Director Joe Smith. “We also don’t have to use as much of the product to get the snow to melt.”

Salt and sand will continue to be used in some areas. A new spreader installed on the trucks will more evenly distribute the salt and sand mixture. It may appear like there is not as much coverage of the mixture on the roadway, however, there will be an effective amount over the entire width of the traveled area. In addition, “Apex,” a liquid magnesium chloride, will be used in the downtown area, and during proper weather conditions, on some of the major routes in other areas.

Residents are reminded that per Municipal Code, snow and ice should be removed from public sidewalks abutting their property 24 hours after a snowfall to ensure safe pedestrian access. When shoveling sidewalks and driveways, residents should avoid putting snow in the streets, as plows may inadvertently push snow back onto the sidewalk and driveway.

As the city prepares for the winter season, the following tips are provided to residents for personal preparedness:

* Be familiar with winter storm warning messages.
* Service snow removal equipment and have rock salt on hand to melt ice on walkways, and kitty litter to provide temporary traction.
* Winterize your home.
o Insulate walls and attic.
o Caulk and weather-strip doors and windows.
o Install storm windows or cover inside windows with plastic.
* Have safe emergency heating equipment available.
o Fireplace with ample supply of wood.
o Small, well-vented, wood, coal or camp stove with fuel.
o Portable electric space heaters.
* Keep pipes from freezing.
o Wrap pipes in insulation or layers of old newspapers.
o Cover the newspapers with plastic to keep out moisture.
o Allow faucets to drip slightly to avoid freezing pipes.
o Know how to shut off main water valves.
* Have your 3-day disaster supply kit available.
* Purchase extra food/water.
* Have your car survival kit available.
* Develop an emergency communication plan.
* Install and check smoke detectors.
* Contact the Brighton Emergency Management Office or the local American Red Cross chapter for more information on winter storms.
* Listen to local authority advisements when traveling.

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