Monday, November 1, 2010

Gateway News Disappointed in Negative Campaign Ad Using Our Video

Opinion by Editor Kathy McIntyre

This is not about this election or about politics really, it is just about right or wrong.As we are all painfully aware, the airwaves are filled with negative campaigns from all sides. Some candidates started out attempting to run only a positive campaign, but finally came out fighting when the blows were too much. Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper appears to be the only one to stay the course.

I will get on with the real story here. Every year Commerce City holds the largest Memorial Day parade in the state of Colorado. It goes back in the city's history for decades, as they honor their hometown veterans and want to remember all their neighbors who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. They are very proud of their parade and Representative Ed Perlmutter always attends and always does cartwheels. Actually the only event he does cartwheels at in honor of the veterans in his district.

Our videographer was granted permission to be on the street during the parade and captured those Perlmutter cartwheels, the Commerce City Memorial Day Parade cartwheels. The Ryan Frazier campaign, without permission of the Gateway News, decided to use the footage of the Perlmutter cartwheels, in a very negative television ad. They never bothered to call us and ask if they could use the footage completely out of context from a parade honoring veterans, they just took it.

I am very disappointed in the Frazier campaign. I am disappointed that ethics seems to be lost completely, not only in this current campaign, but in our government altogether. Maybe people could think before they act and analyze what harm they are doing to others by only attempting to benefit themselves.

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