Monday, November 15, 2010

New School Designations Report from School District 27J

On Wednesday, the State Board of Education approved the new designations for schools, in compliance with the 2009 Education Accountability Act. This is the first year that the new procedures are in effect. The designations replace the School Accountability Reports, and are based on student test performance, academic growth, narrowing of achievement gaps and how well students are prepared when they leave high school.

School District 27J has received performance level designations for all its 22 schools, with all but two being placed in the improvement plan category or higher. The two schools that were placed in lower categories must write more intensive plans, to be submitted to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) by January 15, 2011. They are Northeast Elementary, which must write a Turnaround Plan, and Stuart Middle, which must write a Priority Improvement Plan.

Michael Clow, Principal of Northeast Elementary, wrote in a letter to parents “I am not surprised or discouraged by this news. It only reinforces the work we all must undertake to make Northeast the best possible school.” He also outlined the steps that Northeast is taking to improve its achievement, including professional development for teachers and more effective instructional interventions for struggling students.

27J’s School Board will review drafts of plans for Northeast and Stuart at its meeting on November 16, and will adopt the final plans for submission to CDE on December 7. Dr. Rod Blunck, superintendent of 27J, notes that “ We are continually searching of opportunities to increase the results of our schools. We have always been dedicated to academic excellence.”

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