Thursday, November 11, 2010

South Adams Water District’s proposed 2011 Budget includes a 9% rate increase

The District’s proposed 2011 Budget includes a 9% rate increase. The additional revenue is necessary to cover the costs of providing a reliable source of water, including treatment and operational expenses that continue to rise every year, contract commitments the District has with Denver Water and Metro Wastewater and wastewater discharge permit compliance. Additionally, water and wastewater infrastructure in many areas of the District is over 50 years old, and the additional revenue is needed to continue replacing some of this aging infrastructure. Even with the proposed increase, water rates for District Customers are among the lowest in the
metro area. The proposed rates for 2011 will increase the typical residential customer’s water bill by an average of $6 per month.


  1. not bad! STILL REALLY LOW

  2. Nine percent of my water bill is $13.95 per month. Someone at the water district cannot do math or they are using the smallest water bill in the district. They are so corrupt anyway guess it doesn't matter. Too bad some good people were not running the water district.