Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Adams County Justice Center to open Self Help Resource Center

BRIGHTON – The Access to Justice Committee serving Adams and Broomfield counties has partnered with the 17th Judicial District to open a Self Help Resource Center in the Adams County Justice Center. The center will launch Jan. 5, 2011, and will provide services Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

Court staff and volunteer attorneys will be available to answer questions about court processes in domestic relations and family cases. Center staff members are prohibited from providing legal advice, but will help people with forms, information about local procedures, internet resources, and other resource materials.

“Our ultimate goal is to develop and define the self help center to be a user-friendly resource,” said Chief Judge C. Vincent Phelps. “We want to ensure that those in need of access to justice have the necessary resources and information available to them.”

The local Access to Justice Committee donated $2,000 to the 17th Judicial District to help with the center’s operating costs. The funds were raised by the committee’s annual fundraiser, the Sean May Run, which supports the Sean May Memorial and Access to Justice projects in the 17th Judicial District. This year’s run will be held on May 14, 2011.

“The number of people appearing in our courts without attorneys continues to grow,” said Chief Judge Phelps. “This is just one way we can help people come to court prepared with the documents they will need and a better understanding about the proceedings.”

For further information about the Self Help Resource Center please contact District Administrator Melinda Taylor at 303-654-3205.

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