Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gateway News Hits over 100,000 uploads on YouTube Account

by Dustin McIntyre

The Gateway News now equipped with updated new video equipment promises to make 2011 even better. Thank you again to all you how have made this YouTube idea a success. It was an idea that was brought to me 3 years ago by a member of the Gateway News Japanese Crew in Osaka. Being a photographer, I was hesitant about getting into videos. Now seeing that in just 2 years we have accumulated over 100,000 uploads (not including the vimeo account), I am ecstatic about the decision to do videos. Please, anyone with a video idea please let us know via our contact info on www.gatewaynews.org ... In case your interested my top 3 favorite videos are…. Mr. Jones at city council, The Commerce City little Eagles Football team go undefeated, and of course, the 2009 Veterans Day Parade. Gateway News YouTUBE site CLICK HERE.

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