Monday, January 3, 2011

South Adams County Water and Sanitation District 2011 Rate Increase

At a regular meeting held on December 8, 2010, the South Adams County Water and Sanitation District Board of Directors (South Adams) approved the 2011 Budget. The anticipated revenues, which include a 9% rate increase, will be applied to cover the costs of providing a reliable source of water, including treatment and operational expenses that continue to rise every year, repair and replacement of aging water and sewer infrastructure (including water and sewer lines, concrete water storage reservoirs and water and wastewater pumping and treatment facilities), contract commitments South Adams has with Denver Water and Metro Wastewater, and wastewater discharge permit compliance. Even with the rate increase, water and wastewater rates for District Customers are among the lowest in the metro area. The service rates for 2011 will increase the average residential customer’s water and wastewater bill by about $6.00 per month.

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