Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good News for Long time Commerce City business “Tasty Donuts” (Derby)

By Dustin McIntyre…

Tasty Donuts, being an established business in the Derby area of Commerce City for decades and decades had some interesting changes lately. Recently, the popular donut place which has had chairs and tables inside for customers to visit with each other and discuss local politics over coffee and donuts came to a halt.

That is because the state stepped in and told the owner of the Donut shop that because there was no working public rest room, there can not be tables and chairs for customers. The rule is that if you have seating in your eatery for 15 customers then you need at least one accessible public rest room. Anything more then 15 seats, then you will need to have 2 available public restrooms.

Tasty Donuts for many years and years had a “shared” public restroom situation with the next door business and apparently this was okay. But, it was in recent disrepair when the next door business left. This gave Tasty Donuts no choice but to remove the tables and chairs.

Today, just reported the popular Donut shop is given the okay to put back the tables and chairs as long as they can get the “shared” rest room in working order. To get the rest room in proper working order will take some money, reported somewhere around $1000 to $2,000 dollars.

In conclusion, go and visit Tasty Donuts and leave a nice tip. It is a place of rich Commerce City (Derby) history and has wonderful residents that can give you a history lesson of the area that is unforgettable. Tasty Donuts is truly the original “blog” comments in real life.

I was surprised how many of the opinions reflect the same views as we get on the Gateway News opinions page. Tasty Donuts has been a place for the Commerce City “Coffee with a Cop” location and now with the restoration of the public seating, hopefully this can continue. Tasty Donuts is located at 6441 East 72nd Place, Commerce City, CO 80022, (303) 288-9068

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