Friday, January 7, 2011

More puppy mill dogs arrive in Denver, Dumb Friends League to help them find homes

Over the past two months, 62 puppy mill dogs from commercial breeding operations have come to the Dumb Friends League. More than 58 have been adopted and the rest remain in the organization’s care. On Jan. 5, 28 more dogs arrived at the region’s largest animal welfare organization, so they have the opportunity to find permanent, loving homes in the Rocky Mountain region.

Volunteers of the Colorado Springs-based National Mill Dog Rescue drove vans to pick up more than 50 dogs from puppy mills in Kansas. In addition to the Dumb Friends League providing shelter and care for more than two dozen of these canines, the National Mill Dog Rescue will help 25 of these puppy mill dogs. Some of the dog breeds included poodle, bichon frise, dachshund, silky terrier, Yorkshire terrier and Maltese.

Many of the dogs were scared upon their arrival since they have not been exposed to much human contact during their lives. Some were also severely matted, and upon initial evaluations, it appears that several dogs may require dental work or medical attention.

A few of the puppy mill dogs may be available for adoption later this week. However, due to their previous living conditions, some of the dogs could require foster care for medical treatment and socialization, so they may not be available for several weeks.

Interested adopters can view all adoptable pets online or call (303) 751-5772 to find out when they will be available at one of the Dumb Friends League shelters. Foster volunteers are not needed for these dogs; however, interested volunteers can sign up to become a foster care parent and be contacted for future rescue cases.

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