Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Adams County Coroner Vacated all Existing Positions

Monica Broncucia-Jordan, the new Adams County Coroner vacated all existing positions at the coroner’s office

Broncucia-Jordan stated: “The coroner’s office budget was cut by the prior coroner by 15 percent, approximately $200,000, I’m making sure that we are operating efficiently: combining positions, reorganizing the office to make sure that we can stay within our budget. It does play a part in the decision. The reason I made this decision is to make sure the community is served by the most qualified professionals I can find and that’s why I’m opening up their positions for application.”

Broncucia-Jordan says that she anticipates the application process for refilling the positions will take about one month. She said that the decision did not reflect any judgment on the individuals who held these positions previously. The positions need approval by the board of Adams County Commissioners.

Broncucia-Jordan stated: “My two people on staff who are still here are my appointed position, Sherronda Appleberry, she’s my chief deputy and she was appointed to her position under my administration ­and the forensic pathologist, who is a contract employee, his position was also not here when I arrived. These are both new positions.”

Broncucia-Jordan previously worked in the coroner’s office and was fired in 2009. She's suing Adams County for wrongful termination.

Dr. Michael Arnall, the opponent of Broncucia-Jordan in last year’s election, will serve as the Adams County contract forensic pathologist.

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  1. Seriously, she gets fired from her position, sues the county for her firing, runs for office in the same department she was fired from, somehow wins a job shes not qualified for, and hires her opponent who is highly qualified and who is an advisor on cnn to do her job! Really, really???? Has she ever even seen or touched a dead person????