Friday, February 4, 2011

Adams County Sheriff’s Office Announce Internet Reporting Option in the Fight Against Graffiti

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the addition of an internet reporting option in the fight against graffiti. This reporting tool was implemented in an effort to be more convenient for victims to report graffiti damage.

Graffiti negatively affects an area visually and encourages other criminal behavior. Graffiti must be dealt with promptly in order to preserve the safety of a neighborhood. The Adams County Sheriff’s Office is committed to addressing the graffiti problem by identifying and apprehending the taggers and assisting in the removal of graffiti. In 2009, the Sheriff’s Office established the Graffiti Removal Program. This program assists residents in single-family homes in unincorporated Adams County and whose residential property is adjacent to public streets and alleys, with the removal of graffiti. The removal is offered at no cost to the resident or to the taxpayers. After a report is filed through the Sheriff’s Office, the Graffiti Coordinator will evaluate the case, verify the information, determine the time frame and the best method for removing the graffiti. The resident will be asked to sign an “Authorization to Enter and Remove waiver” and upon completion of the waiver, a contracted service provider will be contacted to schedule the removal of the graffiti.

For more information, and to access the internet reporting system, please visit the Adams County Sheriff’s Office web site at:, and click on the “Graffiti Removal” link under “Serving our Communities”. Residents can also access the “Authorization to Enter and Remove Wavier” on this site.

When the graffiti is not actively taking place, residents can report the graffiti via the internet or call the Sheriff’s Office Community Service Specialists at (720) 322-1145 or (303)288-1535. Anyone who sees graffiti actively being applied is asked to call 911 to report the incident.

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