Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bennet Statement in Celebration of Black History Month

Washington, DC – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today released the following statement in recognition of Black History Month.

“During Black History Month, we are reminded of how far we have come to create equality in this country, regardless of race, ethnicity or creed. It is also a time to celebrate the people in Colorado and across the country who dedicated their lives to ensuring our nation’s founding principles apply to all Americans. But we also recognize how far we still have to go if we are going to create more opportunity and a future where our children can thrive.

“As we continue to dig our economy out of this ditch, we need to ensure that everyone has the tools to climb out, not just the lucky few. If we are truly going to regain our competitive edge in the global economy, we need to foster the kind of individual spirit that has led to much of the progress in this country and ensure all Americans are prepared for the jobs of the future. And that begins with fixing our system of public education and ensuring every child is college and career ready.

“All of us can agree that the status quo on education is unacceptable and that it must change. We can no longer afford to live in a country in which only nine out of every 100 kids living in poverty can expect to graduate from college. And neither our economy nor our democracy can sustain a system of public schools in which the zip code you’re born into determines the quality of the education you receive. If we are going to help the next generation develop the ingenuity, determination and confidence to change our country for the better, we have to prepare all our kids for success.

“We all need to work together if we are going to change public education and bring our workforce, our economy and our national spirit into the 21st century. This month serves as a much-needed reminder that we still have a ways to go to make good on our nation’s promise of equality and opportunity, but I am confident that working together and with strong leadership pushing us at every step, we can get there. We can restore America ’s promise and build a future where our kids and grandkids thrive.”

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