Friday, February 25, 2011

Flooding reduction work at Longspeak and Highway 85

Flooding reduction roadwork in the area of Longspeak and Highway 85 has begun, and is scheduled to continue through July. This starts Phase 1 of the North Outfall Storm Sewer project, a coordinated effort between the city of Brighton’s Utilities Division and the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District.

Phase 1 of the North Outfall project will be built in two segments: A and B (refer to map attached).

* Phase 1, segment A starts with the construction of a drainage channel at the north side of Brighton’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (adjacent to the South Platte River) and stops at the intersection of Denver and Highway 85. This segment will include construction of the channel, 5installation of a 78-inch storm sewer line, 24-inch sanitary sewer line and a 36-inch storm sewer line to south. The sanitary sewer line will convey household wastewater into Brighton’s sewage treatment plant, and the storm system will convey runoff water that will be discharged directly into the South Platte River. The estimated cost for Phase 1, segment A is $2,000,000.
* Phase 1, segment B currently does not have funding available and construction dates have not been established. This segment will start at the intersection of Denver and Highway 85 and stop at the east side of Fulton-Lateral Ditch, and includes the installation of a 72-inch storm sewer line. The cost for Phase 1, segment B is estimated at $ 2,220,000.

“The North Outfall Storm Sewer project will resolve flooding issues that we currently experience during a good rain or snowmelt at the corner of Longspeak and Highway 85,” said Brighton’s Utilities Director Jim Landeck. “The existing storm sewer line has not been adequate in relieving these waters. The new lines will handle storm flows more appropriately and will also improve drainage in the northwest area of Brighton.”

Two lanes of traffic in each direction will remain open during construction and the speed limit will be reduced to 45 mph.

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