Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brighton: Water source change to occur week of March 7

Brighton’s supplement water source will change beginning the week of March 7. This will be a semi-annual occurrence happening in the spring and fall of each year as the city now uses surface water in addition to the alluvial well supply. The well supply was previously the city’s only water source; however, in order to sustain the community’s water needs and address recharging the alluvial wells, the city has made a concentrated effort to supplement with surface water.

Surface water sources must be switched occasionally in order to meet water demands and allow other sources to replenish. Some residents may notice a change in taste, odor and/or hardness when the switch occurs. These are typical changes and should not be reported. The water is still safe to drink. If residents notice a change in color or cloudiness, they should report these incidences to the Utilities Division at 303-655-2102.

Brighton’s Utilities Division is committed to providing high quality drinking water. Regardless of the source, Brighton ’s water is safe to drink and meets all drinking water standards set by the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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