Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Commerce City Boards and Commissions Vacancies and Re- Appointment Update...

On February 11, 2011, the term of office expired for several of our board and commission members. These members have expressed interest in being reappointed. They are as follows:

Planning Commission Regular Member J.E. "Mac" McFarlin
Liquor Licensing Authority Regular Member Steve Douglas
Commerce City Cultural Council Regular Member Maria Carabajal
Derby Review Board Regular Member Kristi Douglas
Zoning Board of Adjustments Regular Member Gene Leffel
Zoning Board of Adjustments Alternate Member Richard "Dick" Smith

On May 1, 2011, the term of office for Housing Authority Regular Member Bruce Thomas will also expire. All of these volunteers have expressed an interest in continuing to serve on their respective board of commission, and may continue to serve until re-appointed or replaced.

One regular member position will open up on the Liquor Licensing Authority because that member is not seeking re-appointment. Nance Zeiler has also resigned her position as alternate member on this board. Alternate Member Kristine Sumner has expressed interest in the regular member position, and if appointed, would create a third alternate member vacancy that could be advertised for.

Next Steps: City Council is being asked to review the letters of interest and original applications and consider re-appointing each volunteer based on their participation over their term of office. If Council decides to re-appoint the current members, a resolution will be drafted and presented at the March 7, 2011, meeting.

Reappointment Applications

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