Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Commerce City Golf Course Future... Sell it, Open Space, Keep it???

Over the past few years, Commerce City staff has been approached on several occasions by golf management companies interested in managing the golf course. Over the past few months, members of City Council have been  approached by a golf management company interested in managing the golf course. In past meetings with City Council, options such as selling the golf course, hiring a mangement company to operate the golf course, and/or converting the golf course to open space were mentioned and discussed. It was determined at that time that these options were not in the best interest of Commerce City given the investment in the City's asset and the value of the golf course and facility's positive impact on City image and development. However, Commerce City staff believes it prudent to review and discuss the option of private management of the golf course periodically, recognizing the importance of the responsible use of available resources and an interest in maintaining high levels of service for our citizens and visitors to our community.


  1. Really only CCC would think about turning a golf course into open space. It is already open space and is making money for the city. Maybe the Brighton or Thornton should buy it at least they can manage their money a little better rather than allowing the city manager to scam them for thousands of dollars. Good Luck Buffalo Run golfers.

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